VizardTales is a game developer team founded in the midst of the dynamic competition of world’s gaming industry. Since May 2015, our team which consists of only passionate game makers, has been dedicating our soul to create high quality games, by focusing on fun oriented designs for maximum users’ satisfaction, and by applying customer friendly business models.



Every design aspect is created with passion and love for our games. We deliver unique and fun designs we can think of to provide audience the best gaming experience.


VizardTales developers have been given creative freedom to experiment the games they envisioned. We believe, whoever is passionate enough to learn from the process of creating games, will create high quality games. These quality games will be presented to our beloved audience. Not only we develop quality games, we also develop quality human resource.


We are nothing without its audience. At VizardTales, we focus on customer service and satisfaction. Our motivation is our love for making games. Consistent interaction with our audience and clients will be our ultimate weapon to fulfill everyone’s expectations. VizardTales always strives to create and join any healthy gaming community. We see critiques as lessons and praises as rewards.